What happens when people disappoint you often?

What happens when people disappoint you often?

People will disappoint you!

When you give your best to others but in return you get stabbed. Terrible moments! Hard to deal with. 

## Low- trust society.

It makes the society trust-deficit. One may begin to be an introvert. The thoughts like, “one cannot rely on others start to pop up in mind”.

It is similar to getting cheated by your most trusted friend.

## Depression/Stress.

The second stage is when recalling those ugly moments you may feel mentally sick. Bit after few bad days & nights finally you recover. Most do!

## Revival.

You become altogether a new person. It all depends on how deep you are hurt. If the cut is deep, it may take time for you to trust others.

Stronger version of you.

The best takeaway is that you become stronger. Hence, your focus towards life becomes laser-sharp. You can make out genuine people from the crowd. That’s blessing. 

Life becomes beautiful when you become wise@@

P.S. Pain acts as a torch-bearer for us. It guides us many times without even our realisation. The best utility is to use it in your favour. To evolve as an human being.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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