How to fight the dark days?

How to fight the dark days?

How to fight the dark days? Credits:

There are days in life when we get up & are numb. No excitement! No enthusiasm! 

We are afraid of monotonicity. We are terrified of darkness ~ days when even survival is in danger. When our hard-work stops giving probable outcomes.

So, how to get out of that cycle?

“रात कुछ लम्बी थी,

फिर भी हम जगते रहे,

शायद उनकी आँखों का काजल ही था,

जो चमचमाता रहा इन काली गहरी रातों में।” – Er. Amit Yadav

Recall the good-times, think about how much supportive your family & friends have been. How much they trust you even in times of crisis. It will give you power to withstand any storm.

Emotional support helps us in dealing with adversities. It is the right time to cherish golden memories. 

How to fight the dark days? Credits:

शायद उनकी आँखों का काजल ही था”, even the remembrance of kohl of her shining eyes can give you the strength to remain standstill in storm.

Life is fucking hard. Isn’t it ironical that what keeps us going amidst hardships is not money or wealth but intangible things like feelings, motivation, fire in the belly, etc? Then too we waste hell lot of time in collecting tangible goods.

When you will fall, you will remember your mother. That’s where we see how gigantic her role has been in our lives. Her words of inspiration will stick into your mind. They will keep rewinding at the back of your mind. And you will find even the strength to move the mountains. 

P.S. in times of crisis mostly intangible forces comes to our rescue.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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