How to keep fear at bay?

How to keep fear at bay?

How to keep fear at bay? Credits:

## Keep Working hard.

Fear steps into our lives when we stop working hard, become lazy, fatalistic & start taking things for granted.

“Keep working hard”, that’s tye best way to drive fear out of our lives.

When we are working, we are in the moment, hardly peeping into future (or past). It is only when we sit & have nothing to do that we tend to reflect on past or future.

I hardly think about future (expect immediate goals & vision) so life is quite fearless.

How to keep fear at bay? Credits:

## Usual Days be like.

I’m probably working 24×7 as most budding entrepreneurs. The good thing is I enjoy it too.

When I feel tired, I take a nap or sleep. (I don’t think about the consequences~ sleep is basic necessity). There is no fixed timing for sleeping as such. As soon as I wake up, I start working.

So, fill your days with productive work. After each 10-15 days take a break! Spend time with family, friends & have fun.

P.S. Since you are working hard so you are making progress each day. So, don’t worry as with time “small daily progresses” will add up to extraordinary success.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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