Depend on others to succeed.

​Depend on others to succeed.

Depend on others to succeed. Credits:

Suppose you are financially independent. Then too I would recommend you to depend on others. If possible create fictitious dependencies.

It is easier to do things by yourself. It doesn’t helps you to grow into a successful business person.

## It helps to develop system. 

Once you are successful, you have a choice to isolate yourself from others. But it would just pave your way to failures. Because you cannot grow in isolation. A system cannot develop in isolation.

So, learn from others. Teach what you know to others. Help others in every possible way. And don’t hesitate to ask for it when in need!

## How to manage & get managed.

Sometimes you play the role of leader. Other times let others play that role. Lead & be lead. It helps you to learn the art of “how to manage others”.

## Trustful Circle.

Depend on others to succeed. Credits:

You cannot expand your business without a trustful circle of people. You cannot figure out who is “trustful” until & unless you assign some responsibilities.

P.S. It is far more satisfying to work in a team than in isolation. So, depend on others & be a person whom others can depend.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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