How not to miss opportunities?

How not to miss opportunities?

We often complain of opportunities not knocking our doors but the reality is that we keep on missing opportunities without even realising it.

The fundamental principle is to BE ACTIVE.

Here are few tips:

## Keep an eye.

Each day open the newspaper with an intent to find “something for yourself”. It could be:

□ Lateral Entry in Govt. Sector. (essentially requires exp. of at least one or more years).

Though it is very occasional for private sector but for govt. employees it is regular on deputation as well as permanent basis (moving from state to central or from state/central to PSU’s usually require 3 or more years of experience in certain Grade Pay). People often miss these opportunities but the advantage is:

1. May be you took the job due to financial constraints & may not be liking the work-involved. You can switch to new industries, job roles, locations, etc.

2. It facilitates meeting with new people & also accelerated learning.

□ Courses/Seminars/Workshops.

There are many advertisements for new courses/seminars/workshops floating in the newspaper. No one has the time to look & appreciate them. Be the rare breed. You will benefit a lot.

NBT_CCS University Publishing Workshop.

1. The advantage of the above course is that the fee is nominal  (only 1000 INR). Also, it is organised by National Book Trust, GoI so it has to be awesome.

2. One would get a chance to meet 50 people who are interested in book publishing. So, you can build vital connections.

I came to know about this workshop through today’s The Hindu “Sunday Magazine”.

NBT_publishing workshop_Credits The Hindu

But the last date to register for it has already crossed.

Unfortunately, missed a great opportunity!

P.S. Remember, opportunities are always there & you just have to be active to find them out.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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