Live happily with ironies.

Live happily with ironies.

Live happily with ironies. Credit: “No one cares” fb page.

Life is full of ironies. But the secret of happy life is accepting them. We often complain because we are fail to embrace them. May be they are bitter pills. The sooner we get normal with them the better.

♢ She was close confidante & it was hard to believe that she betrayed me. How can someone you don’t trust can betray you?

♢ No one showed up in my hard-times. Why will anyone? You have to make things happen with your own efforts. People have priorities like sleeping, resting, time for entertainment, etc. over helping out an old friend. Who likes discomfort? 

## The Trick.

♡ People who talk about ethics & morality might be the most-dangerous. Be careful.

♡ People are weak. They need hand-holding in times of their crisis. If you lend them a hand, they forget after few days or weeks. You too should. 

♡ Take care of your time. Keep yourself busy with your goals. It’s worth your time.

♡ Be practical. Expect only from yourself.

Laugh at the ironies. Mock them! Don’t carry them as burden. You don’t have time to be sad. Be busy with your dreams.

With Great Love, 

Er. Amit Yadav


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