Stay away from populism.

Stay away from populism.

Stay away from populism. PC: pixabay

World of business is diametrically opposite to politics. Here there is no role of populism  (*you can be populist only when advertising). Results matter the most. Everything is secondary.

The business is championed only by people who are patient & keep track of their company’s expenditure & constantly try to rationalise it.

## Balance Sheet.

First thing the investors wish to see is your balance sheet. They want to know how well you are performing instead of how your performance is perceived to be.

## Customers.

Customers will buy your product only when it is at competitive price & with desired quality. Good customer experience of your product & services helps you to retain & build a huge customer-base in the market.

## Connecting Directly with Customer.

There is no problem with reaching out to customers directly with your products or services.

The problem starts when you start:

♢ Throwing lavish parties.

♢ relying to incessant & expensive advertising.

♢ believe that you can sit & relax.

Business requires you to be dynamic & with time. Even a little laxity may cause you millions. So, be careful.

P.S. stop being populist & start producing results.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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