Proof that you are not working hard.

Proof that you are not working hard.

Hard-work is essential. PC:

Recall how tired we felt after taking 3 hours 10th/12th examination. After returning from exam centre, we chose to relax, watch T.V., chat with friends over examination paper, etc.

Do we feel the same each day?


It is a proof that we are capable of more. We do not work as seriously & hard as we used to do when we were in 10th or 12th.

## Why not MORE?

One thing is clear that we are capable of more so why not go for it?

We often put aside our dreams & choose to live an ordinary life with a lame excuse: 

“It is beyond my capacity. Very hard.

मुझसे नहीं हो पायेगा ।वो अलग ही होते हैं जिनके सपने पूरे हो जाते हैं।”

What is disappointing is we say so without even giving our best try.

Choose a random & seemingly possible specific date in future on which you think you would have realised your dreams. Start working hard. Believe me somehow it will materialise on that specific date or may be even sooner.

Work-hard to the extent that you feel you are going in the right direction & your dreams will materialise soon.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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