How to meet even the deadliest targets?

How to meet even the deadliest targets?

How to meet even the deadliest targets? PC:

While looking at your monthly targets as an employee or a business person or even as a self-employed may be dreadful. You may even go sleepless nights pondering over how you will achieve those big & seemingly impossible tasks.

## Start furiously.

When targets are gigantic you cannot start off like a turtle & score a victory. You have to start with a lightening speed & passion. Because in the long-term everyone slows down. Be a rabbit in at least first 10 days of the months.

## Confidence.

As you had accelerated your rate of working so targets will be achieved with overwhelming speed. This will infuse more confidence in you. In the middle of the month you can even work at slow pace as a turtle. Relax & refresh yourself. 

## Accelerate.

In last week of the month, again accelerate & build momentum to finish off with the targets. 

This strategy of starting @ speed of life, resting & slowing-down period & then again pacing up has worked well in my personal life.

The same philosophy is also reflected in conventional sayings like “well began is half-done”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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