Equate yourself to zero.

Equate yourself to zero.

Equate yourself to zero, PC: pixabay.com

Life becomes easy when you equate yourself to zero.

No ego’s. No worries. 

All your so called BIG problems get solved within a fraction of seconds.

♢ He doesn’t calls me. Should I make a call to him or not?

If you are zero: why not? I will enjoy having it though I’m not certain of him.

♢ What should I wear for the occasion? Sleepless nights over what to wear.

If you are zero: hardly matters. Why do I need to impress anybody I’m zero?

♢ Terrified & slipped into depression because of failures. 

If you zero: I’m already zero. Failures hardly count.

♢ When you succeed it is difficult to remain humble & grounded.

If you are zero: oh! may be I have achieved some success but I’m still zero.

♢ I have a lotbof trusted friends. Something special must be within me.

If you are zero: I’m zero. Friends like me & always help me. It’s all because of their goodness. 

When you equate yourself to zero, life becomes more exciting & unrestricted. 

So, will you equate yourself to zero?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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