Why I chose to do something where my hard-work would be in public domain?

Why I chose to do something where my hard-work would be in public domain?

Going Online

In January last year (2015) , I cleared the preliminary test of UES (University Entry Scheme) of  Indian Army in my college & was called for SSB in Jan, 2016.

In period of these 12 months, I did worked on my communication skills (though not very rigorously) & had acquired a good-level but it was not up-to-the-mark. As a result, I failed miserably in SSB.

Then again, I gave the CDS of Feb, 2016. I could clear the preliminary exam but failed in SSB which was held in June, 2016.

I constantly felt that until & unless you show the results, it does not matter how well your skills or knowledge-level is.

I knew this. I knew this because I had interactions with many people & they rightly said “results matter”. Efforts you put in is not taken into consideration until you succeed? 

Hard to engulf but that’s the reality. I had this thing running over my mind over & over again even before I gave the SSB.

So, I came up with the idea of launching a website & a blog. Here, my work (good or bad) would be online & hence in public domain. 


♢ The more I write, the more money I make.

♢ The more I take freelance assignments, more money & connections I make.

♢ My level of skills which are getting improved with each passing day can be traced very easily (by checking old & new blogs)

♢ Greater trust & good-will in the market place.

It allows me to be more open to constructive criticisms & thereby giving me a chance to improve upon the short-comings.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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