Real-life is altogether a different game.

Real-life is altogether a different game.

Life is altogether a different game. PC: Internet

Life is complex & making generalisations about it might prove dangerous. Generalisations are valid only in the long-term. In life, principle like hard-work pays, be truthful, be sacrificing, etc. may not work in the short-term.

## Hard-work may not yield desired results.

Hard-work does yields some results but they may not be the desired results. That is why it is expected out of you to be patient. One day the time would be right & you will shine in the world. 

## Life is not fair.

You may fail despite extreme hard-work but others might taste success with least of efforts.

We have to accept how life is. It might be unfair but we make it favourable to ourselves with constant labour & hard-work.

## Luck plays a part.

Luck plays a part in our life. We can do only one thing when everything goes against ourselves, “approaching life with right-attitude”. We cannot change the circumstances but we have control over our reactions.

Do not try to understand the reasons behind life, just go with what’s working & don’t ask why. Have faith & gamble upon it. You will be successful. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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