How to scale your business?

How to scale your business?

How to scale your business? PC: gettyimages

One of the best way to scale your business is by replacing yourself. Usually founders & co-founders undertake all the major tasks of the business. They are left with no time to brainstorm, to undergo partnerships & to develop 2nd line of leadership.

As you grow you have to replace yourself so that you have the time to look & act for ideas that will lead to scaling of your business.

## Replacing Yourself.

It’s hard. You have to step back & allow someone else to take over the tasks which you used to perform. You just have to supervise them.

Focus on partnerships, attracting investments & get better at mentoring your team.

The next step is to train newly recruited people to become leaders so that they can train newly recruits in second round of recruitment. 

♢ You can also replace yourself by AUTOMATION. There are now technological solutions available to delegate your tasks.

## Build a strong Culture.

You must be inclined to building a great company culture. It will keep driving the company in same spirit even when you switch to different roles within the company.

It is very important as in your absence it is the culture of the company that drives its employees.

P.S. Time is scarce resource. Scalability in business is difficult until & unless you quit performing all major tasks of the company.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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