How to compensate for failures?

​How to compensate for failures?

How to compensate for failures? PC: gettyimages

You cannot compensate for time. Once spent its gone forever.
However, you can always compensate for monetary losses.

Let’s see.

## Part-time for long-term.

Working part-time always gives you an edge over others. Extra-income can always open up new opportunities for you. They help you to mitigate losses when you run into financial crisis through savings & other security schemes you might have invested in.

## Working-extremely hard.
More hard-work equates to more income. You can convince yourself to work-hard only when you take the onus to turn financial crisis into an opportunity. 

Instead of working 8 hours, elevate to 16 hours each day. There is nothing bad about working for 16 hours when situations are out of your control to regain control over life.

One of the best strategy to risk-management is always working part-time on one or the other thing. In long-term it opens up new avenues to you.

P.S. Keep in mind that you can always compensate for monetary losses & you must.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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