There is no tomorrow.

There is no tomorrow.

Everything is lost in the long-term generally. Be it passion, love (to some extent), knowledge (we have a volatile memory!), strength (health deteriorates as we grow) or enemies  (we get new people to have enmity with over time).

So, producing results in the long-term is difficult. It requires iron will & determination.

There is no tomorrow.

With time you are going to get distracted. Something else might creep in your schedule.

Procrastination will set in. अभी तो बहुत टाईम है। कल देख लेंगे।

## Work for short-term.

You can be more passionate & energetic. You can think बस कुछ दिनों की बात है। Life will be all set in favourably by then (though it never happens in reality but that’s how we can fool ourselves to work-hard).

Execution is better in short-term as you just have to keep in mind few things. As you extend the dates & try to make it long-term you have to take into account many other factors.

## Have a vision.

Else you will not be reaping the benefits of “synergy of couple of short-term results”. Synergy of results kicks in when the short-terms results are integrated. It is possible only when you have a vision. 

P.S. the crux of the post is work passionately for short-term with a vision. Results shall be overwhelming. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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