How to turn gossips into your advantage?

​How to turn gossips into your advantage?

How to turn gossips into your advantage? PC: wikihow

As you register a steep growth in your income, knowledge or fame, many of your acquaintances become resentful.

They may float an imaginary & well-tailored story about you. Gossips will soon start to take off. From one person to another.

Finally, it might reach to you as well.

## Take gossips lightly.

Through gossips people may try to justify that your success was purely a result of coincidence & luck or your flattery to bosses & other influential people. 

Remember, only results will stay. Let the people continue gossips about you. You should only focus on work & results. As long as you keep performing, the roots of gossips get constantly shaken. One day, they no longer have any basis to move forward & hence wither away.

## You are Famous.

Initially, you might be perceived as negative but now since everything has set in right place, you are the winner. You are famous for right reasons.

P.S.1. Never react to gossips. Your heart knows they are baseless. Reaction to it only adds fire & the quantum of untruth & negative aspects get added up. So, let things proceed in a normal way.

P.S.2. No need to act as if you are unaware of the gossips going around. You can crack some jokes about it! It makes other think that you are hardly affected by it. In fact, you are enjoying it. It might act as a wet-blanket to gossip.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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