Why failures don’t matter?

Why failures don’t matter?

Why failures don’t matter? PC: Internet

Failures make us feel insecure about our future. They make us feel incompetent & put us in a very ugly situation. They might induce in us the fear as well.

But here I’m going to give you new insights on failure, why failures don’t matter?

## Your Decided Goal.

Once you have fixed your goal & have made your mind that that you want to accomplish it any how then how come failures have a role to play?

Imagine yourself in a long-unending-tunnel. Your goal is to get out of it.

Tunnel is like a maze & you don’t know which path to follow. Suppose you follow one of them & get trapped. Try another. How come it matters if you failed?

Your goal is fixed.चलते रहो, चलते रहो, until you hit your target. Because, रूकना तो गोल के बाद ही है।

## Just one success.

You just need one success. It will hide all your failures. Even bad habits get shadowed once you are successful. Society starts looking at you in a different manner. You may even be regarded as Superman after the results though just before you were considered as an idiot & ordinary.

## Next-level.

When you go out of your comfort zone then there are high chances that you will fail. But in the process you grow & develop. So, failures are stepping stones to success. 

Don’t despise failures. They are not sinister. 

One day you will look back & say, I’m successful because of those failures. They forced me to come out of the comfort zone. They helped me to enhance my area of comfort zone.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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