Will you consider yourself lucky when you achieve your dreams?

Will you consider yourself lucky when you achieve your dreams?

Fulfilment of Dreams makes us extraordinary from ordinary.


I have met a lot of people who have fulfilled their dreams (*at least one). The common thing I have found in all of them is that they considered themselves to be lucky.

Lucky? In what sense?

Here are few responses:

I was lucky to be at right place, in right industry & with the right people. It worked in my favour.

I was lucky that I got sequential breakthroughs. Else it seems very difficult that I would have been at this place today.

I was lucky that Mr. X saw me accidentally & appreciated my talent. He brought to me a proposal to sign a film. That was just the beginning.

You will consider yourself lucky because many people are working hard day in & day out but you were the chosen one. The opportunity came directly to you.

The role of hard-work, dedication, determination, right-attitude & passion cannot be ignored but being lucky also counts. It makes things easier for you. It simplifies your journey from being ordinary to extra-ordinary.

I’m not a staunch fatalist but I do believe that luck plays some role in our life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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