Turn blind to achieve your dreams. 

Turn blind to achieve your dreams.

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All the advices you receive from other people is based on Rationality.

“Oh, shut up, first just get any job, become financially stable & then follow your dreams”.

While you do the above you are already in late 20s with some more responsibilities on your shoulder. It’s already late.

Early 20s is the best time to chase your dreams. Even if you fail you can try SOMETHING ELSE. You don’t have this luxury as you grow older.

## Give yourself 3 Year Window.

Let’s say you are graduating at 21 then give yourself at least 3 year of window to work exclusively for your dreams i.e. till you become 24.

If in these 3 years you make substantial progress then go ahead. Success awaits you.

If not, be rational for next 3 years (get a job & have some money) & again come back on this path that leads to your dreams.

P.S. Being rational hurts when you are in the domain of fulfilling your dreams.

Dreams are unrealistic. You need to foster a very positive attitude in order to achieve them. 

So, turn blind for next 3 years. No matter what people tell, the only thing that you can see is your dreams & to rest of the things you are blind!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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