How to reap all the benefits of expensive workshops without attending it?

How to reap all the benefits of expensive workshops without attending it?

NIESBUS Workshop_PC: official web

It often happens that you wish to attend some seminars & workshops but they are not within your reach due to:

(i) fee is too expensive that you cannot afford.

(ii) the workshop is conducted at a place very far from your residence.

NIESBUS Workshop_PC: official web

The good news is that even without attending them you can reap all its benefits.

## Look for Course Curriculum.

NIESBUS Workshop Curriculum_PC: official web

The above is the course curriculum of the 2 day workshop to be conducted by NIESBUD on “Solar Energy” on 17th & 18th Dec. 2016.

Even if you fail to attend it due to any reason then;

Just go through the curriculum. Google out all the topics mentioned in it. From Solar radiation, Sun Position, ……to Off Grid System Demo.

Always appreciate this fact that the creator of the course curriculum is far more knowledgeable than you so he/she best knows in what order the topics must be taught. 

You don’t have this advantage when you Google without any sequence of topics to learn any subject, here “Solar Energy”.

The course is designed for 2 days. So, via self-mode you should not take more than 6 days to master & become an expert on the subject.

Limitations of the approach:

1. You may not be able to grasp the practical aspects of the subject.

2. You miss a chance to network with like-minded people. Networks help you to grow even after the workshop is over.

3. Certifications help sometimes. It adds credibility to your knowledge & expertise.

P.S. the benefit of the above approach is that at least YOU LEARN SOMETHING. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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