The biggest lesson from Business-world.

The biggest lesson from Business-world.

The Biggest Lesson from Business-world; PC:

Every business needs huge amount of money for it’s day-to-day transactions. Since companies hold illiquid assets so it’s encashment is difficult in a very less time without selling it for reduced price.

Do you think a businessman always goes to bank for a loan?

In such cases usually businessmen contacts his “trusted” lenders (who themselves are businessmen), lend the amount required without any interest on it.

In turn, when that lender requires money, this businessmen lends them without any interest on it.

How are such transactions possible?

Trust. That’s the underlying principle.

Such symbiotic relationships are seen only between trusted businessmen.

## Build Trust.

– A business is successful only when you establish a trust-based relationship with investors, employees & customers.

In real-life too be on good terms with each family-member, friends, co-workers, etc.

– The world is based on trust. It takes time to build trust but it ensures that you get help instantly from others. That increases the chances of your success in life.

So, become the most-trusted person in the society. It will open up the gates of new opportunities to you.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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