What really motivates an entrepreneur?

For many entrepreneurs it is the money that drives them. But for how long can you just work till late night & get up early? 

Perhaps, not too long.

India Shouts- अब तो सुन लो।

For many entrepreneurs it is the love for their business they are in, for many others it is the fun of working with a great team.

What pushes me is something different.

Many a times I receive messages on LinkedIn from newly graduates for a job. What strikes me hard is that sometimes their CV, Education, Academics, College etc. everything is better than mine.

It gets really hard when I receive such messages from people who are greater in age than me.

May be I got little success because of “technology” & some amount of hard-work.

But what about others who couldn’t due to various genuine reasons & are struggling through life currently. 

I always think it would be a great help to humanity if I could successfully establish a big company. I don’t get distracted. The above thought keeps me on toes. 

P.S. It’s the time that will decide how far I shall rise. But having good inner-thoughts act as backbone & gives you strength in times of crisis. There is no other secret to overcome devastating situations. Oops! Secret Revealed. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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