How to make your life colorful instantly?

How to make your life colorful instantly?

How to make your life colorful instantly? PC:

While editing a CV today, I noticed how it becomes very attractive by just changing few words, color of words, their size, etc. 

Then I pondered over coloring one’s life. It doesn’t require big changes but just few minor right changes.

## 1 Positive Person.

If your life currently looks black & white & has lost it’s charm then you need to find a very positive person who is always cheerful. Hang out with him/her for few days. He/she would have added color to your life.

See, how a single person can fill colors into your life & make it vibrant?

## 1 good Book.

We usually underestimate the power of books. They bring revolutionary changes in us when read at the right time. Perhaps, when your life becomes black & white you need to pick up a book. Not only it will make you giggle, laugh but will also make you more optimistic & positive. 

We usually feel light after reading books.

## Sound Sleep.

Sleep with a light & pacifying music on in the background. When you will get up, you will feel very fresh.i

Music has a healing effect. Try it once!

## Dreaming.

Allow yourself to be unpractical. Sit & think about your dreams. Visualise it. You will feel better. Ask yourself, what if it is possible now also?

If yes then go ahead with it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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