A guest blog-post on “How to excel as an entrepreneur?” by Vaachamitra

​Question: One of the negative impact of industrialisation has been an increase in cases of mental disorders and various such syndromes. Corporate jobs, being highly exploitative, have turned people gradually towards entrepreneurship and self-employment. Unaware of the severe competition in the business world they suffer here too. All in all industrialisation has led to mass dissatisfaction. How does one finds a way out?

The Multitudes of Ripples by Vaachamitra

Answer by Vaachamitra, author of “The Multitudes of Ripples”:

I have no suggestions for this dilemma. I have been advising entrepreneurs for quite some time. Most of us are not aware of what future holds. So, it is easy to get disheartened in times of adversities.

However, the key issue is to separate yourself from your profession. Most entrepreneurs identify themselves with their project. This is a mistake. An individual is much more than his profession

The Multitudes of Ripples by Vaachamitra

Therefore, the best thing to do is to find your own inner self and draw strength from that. A project might fail but an individual need not. 

“The best strategy for entrepreneurs is to reinvent themselves by reskilling.”

Grab the copy of “The Multitudes of Ripples” by Vaachamitra through the link below:


P.S. The book-cover of “The Multitudes of Ripples” by Vaachamitra is really very intriguing & interesting. Perhaps, the best I have come across in my life so far.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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