How to plan your whole life in 3 parts?

How to plan your whole life in 3 parts?

Life; PC:

Your life can be divided into below 3 parts:

## First 1/3rd = No Planning.

You don’t need to have any plan for first 20-22 years of life. Just enjoy life to the fullest & try to figure out what you love to do. Refrain yourself from making comparisons. 

## Next 1/3rd = Extreme Hard-work.

By this time, you would have probably found out what your dreams are- something for which you can go to extremes. You just need to chase it day in & day out for next 20+ years. 

Work-hard for these 20+ years. In these years build assets (as many as possible). It is always good to have multiple sources of income. It will help you to live a dignified & happy life.

*Hard-work means at least 14-15 hours of work each day with passion.

You can slow down after you cross 44-45 years of age. The time is now move to last-phase of life.

## Last 1/3rd = Rest.

Now is the time to rest. Work when you feel like. Take projects you would really have fun doing. Spend time with family. Do whatever you wanted out of your life. Make the last 1/3rd of your life memorable!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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