Experience @ SSB at Bhopal by Er.Pankaj Yadav

Experience @ SSB at Bhopal by Er. Pankaj Yadav.

Hi all,

It’s Pankaj Yadav sharing my experience @ SSB TGC- 48 at Bhopal.

Er. Pankaj Yadav

I had applied for TGC- 48 in Indian Army. I was called to appear in SSB at Bhopal centre on 19 Nov. 2016 at 06: 00 am.

I reached the center at time without any delay. All my documents were checked thoroughly. If there was anyone without proper set of documents as listed in the admit card’s instructions, was directed to return back without entertaining any excuse.

Well to be very honest I was lucky as I had just taken my original mark sheet from my college just a day before heading to Bhopal (Else I too would have been asked to return back ; ))

After all my documents were verified and I was finished up with filling some application forms, I was directed to take the breakfast. 

At 07: 30 am hours the first stage of testing started.

It was the intelligence test. This test consisted of 50 verbal, non verbal and english vocabulary questions. The total time allotted to us was 30 minutes. The questions were quite easy but required good practice and speed.

After stage-1, we were given some time break. In those time,  I started interacting with other cadets. A strange thing I noticed. Most of the cadets were from South India especially Telangana and Kerala. And most of them did not knew Hindi. It was the first time when I was in the company of those people who didn’t knew my mother tongue.

So, the only language that came to our rescue was English. We first laughed and then started communicating in English. Unforgettable experience! We must always be proud of India- for its diverse culture, language & literature.

After some time we were called to appear for stage 2 testing, that is PPDT (Picture Perception & Description Test). In this test a picture was shown to us for 10 seconds. After that we had to write a story of 100 to 150 words within 4 minutes. After story writing we were grouped into 13 cadets each.

We had to narrate our story to each other and discuss it. It was a 2-step process in which all the cadets were first given chance to narrate their story based on the picture shown.

Then the discussion process followed. It was quite unhealthy. Every one was interested in putting forth his point. It created a fish-like market seen.

After 2-stage testing when I came out from the testing hall and was sitting in canteen I asked one previously selected cadet, ” why you got selected ?”. He smiled and tried to give some general answer like good practice of test and good communication skills etc. but finally he revealed his actual strategy that he was very exceptional in Intelligence Test.

He further added that 2nd- stage is mostly based on your luck. It could be because you may fail to write a good story from picture shown or you may not  get chance to speak in group discussion etc . But in the first stage you have pen in your hand and the more question you solve the more marks you score. He then told me that he solved 50 out of 50 question within time given and only 2-3 out of which would be wrong. 

So he concluded his secret as,” score as more as you can in the first stage that is intelligence test and leave the second stage on luck. This score will also be useful in the final day merit score”.

I wished him Good luck for life 🙂

I took my luggage and came back to home because I had failed to qualify the first day test.

But the sweet memories of interactions with others @ SSB will remain for long.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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