Why having a Plan- B makes you mediocre?

​Why having a Plan- B makes you mediocre?

Plan- B made me mediocre; PC: wiki

It is good to have a Plan- B in high-risk businesses & industries.

But there are few losses associated with having a plan- B.

## Plan- A: lack of focus.

You may become lax in execution of Plan- A as you know you can always switch from Plan- A to Plan- B. It may seem to you that nothing bad will happen as Plan- B तो है ही। This attitude is disastrous. Most often people settle for Plan- B, C, etc. in life & miss out their dreams. The first sign of mediocrity is the failure to stand up for your dreams.

## Plan- B : execution time.

Even execution of Plan- B requires substantial time. When you switch to Plan- B it takes your 1-2 years of your life. In the end, people get stuck in Plan- B forever. So, many a times going from Plan- A to B is irreversible. So, be very careful if you opt for Plan- B. There is very less probability that you will again be able to switch to Plan- A.

Hence, it might make you mediocre. 

## The Best Way.

Follow the Plan- A religiously. At least in the age bracket of 20-25. If even despite your best of the best efforts you fail to achieve the motives of Plan-A then switch to Plan- B.

If you are passionate about your dreams then you will be able to switch from Plan- B to A. Remain optimistic & hopeful. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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