How to double your income in 18 months?

How to double your income in 18 months?

How to double your income in 18 months?

Let’s see how you can double your income in just 18 months:

## Promotion.

Generally it takes 2-3 years at least to get promoted in private sector. The raise in salary after promotion is just 25- 30%. So, working hard to get prompted is not a good choice. It doesn’t doubles your salary.

##Starting Your Own Business.

18 months is a less time to turn an start-up into a success. Usually they don’t make profit in first 6- 12 months even after huge investments. Even after you start making profits you have to re-invest into your business. So, it would take around 2.5 to 3 years to become stable in business. So, not a good choice in short-term given the huge investments, time & hard-work involved. 

## Freelancing.

Freelancing is the right choice. All you require is just a SKILL-IN-DEMAND. It could be Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Designing, Graphic Designing, Editing books,Ghost-writing, Content-writing, etc.

-First 6 Months 

Focus on learning the skill & even offer free services to build a positive reputation in the market as a freelancer. Make some sample which you will show to your clients. 

– Next 6 Months.

Suppose you design a logo as a freelancer & charge 150 INR for it.
It won’t take more than an hour (if you have good command over designing logos).

Devote at least 4 hours each day & 8 hours on weekends for Freelancing projects.

So, in a month,

4 hour × 22 = 88 Hr

Weekends = 6 × 8 = 48 Hr

Total hours = 136 Hr

1 Hr = 150 INR

Then, total amount= 136 × 150 = 20, 400 INR.

So, depending upon your expertise & skills you can earn more than 20K INR/month easily within 12 months from starting. 

Entry-level engineers are paid in between 20K-25K. 

– Next 6 Months. 
Increase your charges now. This is the time to go for 250 – 300 INR/hr. By the end of this 6 months you can reach to the level of approximately doubling your income via Freelancing. 

P.S. if you start Freelancing by continuing with your current job (i.e. as a part-time) then it will get tripled in just 18 months. Whoa!

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

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