How to plan your career?

How to plan your career?

How to plan your career; PC:

We only get paid for “how much value we add to the marketplace”.

It is very difficult to add much value to the company you work in as a fresher (i.e. newly graduate). This is due to:

– lack of skills

– industry-knowledge

– lack of experience

I) But if you choose your career based upon your “strengths & interests” then your pace of learning, acquiring skills, building contacts, etc. is very rapid.

It’s rare to be a star-performer in a company & then in the industry without having core competencies in it.

Money, after a time, fails to make you passionate.

So, the first step is to land up in an industry that is in tune with your core competencies, this is what I call “Choosing the right battlefield”.

II) Learn for next 5 years.

When you land up in your first job, your focus must be to learn a lot. Massive learning is a pre-requisite.

Know more about:

–  your industry

– top performing companies in your industry

– star-performers in the industry 

Then buy online courses to equip yourself with right knowledge & technical know how.

At least work for 4-5 hours after your job. This will provide you with an edge over others.

## You’re Done.

You have built a strong foundation. Now is the time to accelerate. Don’t be afraid to take risks at this stage. You won’t fall down beyond a point because you have worked hard for 5 years for building the base.

You have the right skills & knowledge so no one can stop you from shining.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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