How to scale up very swiftly in corporate sector?

How to scale up very swiftly in corporate sector?

Corporate Sector; PC:

## Most freshers are Uncompetitive.

More than 30% of the professional graduates are unemployable, as has been time & again cited by various credible Employability reports.

While in the rest 70%, only few have polished & have right set of skills. Most of them just entered into a particular industry or company because of the salary & perks offered.

Even after getting into the job; most freshers don’t take the pain to learn about the industry, hone their skills, etc. So, they remain quite unproductive for few years (*they focus more on enjoying & boozing at weekends).

So, the best-time to get ahead is these 2-2.5 years just after entering the corporate sector. If you learn the tech know-how of the industry & support it with right set of skills; you are bound to scale up very swiftly. No power can stop you. You become irreplaceable. 

Tech know-how of industry + RIGHT skill-sets = Rare combination

## Focus on 2-things.

One is indulge in massive learning & the other one is building connections.

Whenever there is a vacuum for any position, the usual way to fill it is by recommendations. So, if you are known for your expertise among the top echelons of the corporate sector then there are good chances that you will bag the offer.

## Not hard-working.

Initially, the freshers are not very hard-working. Their life is the same as that of college life (without much work & seriousness). 

Also, getting a job in private sector is not very hard. So, folks there haven’t yet worked on improving their will-power (as their life has not been very struggling so far).

So, if you remain a sincere & hard-working guy, you will get promoted very promptly.

P.S. Most freshers enter without a vision. So, their possibility of performing well in corporate sector becomes very low.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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