Why phone is the new disease?

Why phone is the new disease?

The utility of phones cannot be ignored. They have made our life simpler to an extent. But overindulgence has given birth to new complexities in life.

## WhatsApp.

People will keep you forwarding useless messages & pics. that too in bulk. You will be prompted to check out the WA each time it indicates a new message. 

Phone is the new disease; PC: pngall.com

## Immobility. 

Our life is becoming more & more sedentary. We sit for hours at office & when at home; we are alone playing with our phones.

## Real Life Interactions.

It has decreased real-life interactions in our lives. Instead of meeting people in real, we interact via WA / fb messenger/ Skype.

Phone is the new disease; PC: rechargemywireless.com

## Selfie.

The eagerness to show to the world “what you are doing” has caused several deaths. In fact, India has witnessed the largest number of selfie deaths in the world. 

## Destructive. 

Chatting has become a new hobby. It has lead to disconnection with the real-world.

Being glued to phone all the time can have serious health repercussions. 

We need to stop & think diligently where are we heading to? 

People can’t live an hour without phone. That shows the gravity of the problem. It is the new opium.

The Way Ahead:

-Limit the use of Social Media

– Go out & interact with friends in real-life.

– Take adequate rest instead of being hooked to phone.

– Make a plan to exercise or to go for a walk each day.

Why you need to come out of your phone? 

Because real-life has in store for you to experience so much. You shall fail to appreciate your life if you restrict yourself to phone. Life is beyond your box- TV & phone.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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