What is the assured way to succeed?

What is the assured way to succeed?


I meet a lot of freshers who are struggling to get a job after their graduation. Unemployment is high in India & getting desirable salary is difficult.

But there is one thing wrong on the part of those searching for jobs in Pvt. Sector as well. When I ask them how many interviews they appeared in last month, the answer is just 4-5.

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The approach must be massive-action. Use LinkedIn. Apply for 100 posts each day. You will get many interview opportunities. Your communication skills will also get improved as you keep appearing in them. They are just looking for candidates with good communication skills.

## The idea.

Here, the idea is to keep trying massively. If you mail your CV to 100 HRs each day then in a month it would be equal to 3000 which is massive. 

If you do so then it is very likely that you will get selected.

go to the extremes for your dreams. Don’t settle. Just be massive in your approach. Put more efforts than others.

– work even on weekends. Don’t let your dreams wait.

– Don’t worry about the results. If you are putting more efforts than others then it has to be positive. 

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The irony is that we keep failing because we just keep trying. We keep ourselves busy with goals. We don’t TRY MASSIVELY i.e. as fierce as we could be in our approach. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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