How is the Life @ content-writer?

Too much depends upon where you work as a content-writer. 

## In tech-company.

If in a tech inc. then you are required to write content for website & it’s blog. You may also be entrusted with the responsibility of handling social media profiles of the company as well.

These days while hiring companies do mention in requirements : blogging plus SMM.

You may also be required to do documentation of softwares. Drafting formal content as & when required is a key-skill to be a good content-writer.

## Fun-Entertainment-Story web.

This involves writing for common folks who consume sensational, sexy & mirch-masala content. For this you have to keep a track of what’s trending in music, film & any other spicy news.

Skills required:

good writing skills

– story-telling skills


– good hold on grammar

or to sum up

“Ability to write engaging & well-drafted content”.

Life@ Content-writing:

Life @ content-writing. PC:

– you might be asked to re-draft the content.

– usually you will have to type a lot. So, you won’t feel like chatting with people as you will wish to restrain yourself from typing after work.

– it is fun only when you write on the genre you adore.

– learnings are great. Very helpful if you want to make career in writing industry. 

– you get to learn a lot because you have to browse a lot over net to get stories to be featured on website, in a way, you get to read a lot which adds a lot of general information over time.

– you will also get opportunities to attend big events, conduct interviews, etc.


You can become a content-writer at “The Logical Indian”, “The Better India”, ,,, etc. Not only they are prestigious but also offer handsome pay & salary. 

You can also switch to journalism after doing some diploma course. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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