Dwindling confidence is a reality. 

Dwindling confidence is a reality. 

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Majority of the people make their life terrible by believing that “confidence doesn’t dwindle” & there is some problem with them due to which they lose their confidence quite often.

Though that might not be the truth. The reality is that majority of the people experience “lack of confidence” when put in high-competitive environment.

So, dwindling confidence is a reality.

As I recall, I cleared Sainik School Examination in 8th class for admission in 9th class.

I also (in bottom-line) qualified IIT-JEE in 2012.

They were above average successes of my life. But still, I have to step back & reflect when entering in a high-competitive environment. 

I have to prepare myself for new circumstances & rules of the game.

I was terrified when I was just about to co-found “IndiaShouts- अब तो सुन लो।” with Sachin Sanodiya.

But at that time Sachin said one remarkable thing, “Brother, competition is in every field.” (हर जगह ही स्पर्धा है)

I was terrified when I started blogging on the questions of what if I fail, will a failure amount to wastage of time, etc.

But ultimately we have to overcome our all fears by HAVING FAITH IN OURSELVES & OUR HARD-WORK.

I place my hard-work above everything else. That’s what I have believed in & it is only that could change my destiny.

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So, don’t worry if your confidence dwindles. It happens. I too go through it often. The more you plunge into high-competitive fields & take more risk; lower will your confidence get. That’s quite natural. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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