Changes in you @ your first job.

Though I work only part-time but there has been significant changes in the way I look to life:

Changes @ your first job.

## Rest. 

After working hard you will have more inclination to rest than to interact socially with people. A good sleep is what all you need.

## Family. 

Whatever time is left you would want to spend with family. It is necessary to know how your children are growing, what problems they are facing, how you can help them, etc.

Besides, your parents want to hear from you; they wait eagerly to have a conversation with you. You must give them your time, attention & care. No comprise in this regard! 

## Time Factor. 

We can’t meet everyone due to our commitments. Even it makes it difficult to catch up with people living in the same city.

The things were pretty different during college time. We had time to listen, meet & hang-out together.

## Money.

Once you start getting paid, you start to take investments seriously. It takes time to understand investments. To make better investments you start to research or meet a consultant for the same. It also consumes your time.

## Consumerism. 

Consumerism increases when you begin to receive salary. You want to have a new car, phone, house (instead of rented place) & as a result start looking for them. 

Once in the job, “टाईम नहीं है” (Don’t have time) becomes the order of the day.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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