3 Things a freelancer must be careful of.

3 Things a freelancer must be careful of.

## Spammers.

There are many people who just post for a freelance project in fb groups just to know more about freelancing industry, deals possible, experimentation or simply to make a database. 


Above, there is great possibility that it might be a fraud to collect your e-mail address & other informations. Sometimes they sale the database to third-party as well.

Check out the profile.

How to identify?

Whether fb or LinkedIn; just once check out the profile. You will be able to guess to a good extent. 

## Price & Negotiation.

1. Quote the price as per your skills & expertise. Don’t lower down your price just because someone is willing to do that project at a lower rate. Sometimes, you have to lose some deals in order to gain better projects. 

2. It is must to ensure the identity of the other party because if it is fake then you won’t get paid after the completion of the project. These people will just disappear from fb & LinkedIn leaving no trail for you.

## Professionalism. 

Work professionally. It is Word-of-Mouth that works in freelancing industry. The more happy your clients; the more new clients to you.

It is also imperative to establish your credibility over time as a freelancer. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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