What is the root cause of your problems?

It is industrialisation. It places more importance to products & commodities over human dignity. It believes in consumerism. 

Consumerism has entered our personal & cultural lives.

– Dhoti & Lungi, our traditional clothes have been replaced by Jeans. Obviously, for a country like India where in Summer temperature rises to high degree, Jeans are not suitable. Still, we have made the transition from traditional clothings to Jeans.

Selfie culture that has caused the highest number of deaths in India, what for? For the sake of showing to the world what & where you ate? 

PC: spiceukonline.com

Businesses surely are benefiting out of it. But savings have declined due to this trend among the salaried people.

– Big cars & houses have become symbol of prosperity. 

Once symbol of prosperity were lands & cattle. They have been slowly & gradually replaced by materialistic things.

Milch animals were respected & were a part of the family. Even now in remote villages you can observe the tradition.

The rise of faith in the ideology of “money” i.e. money can buy everything. Highly dangerous. It neglects the human values, ethics & dignity. 

Sometimes, when you are about to commit a sin, you suddenly get reminded of your Mother & you stop & avert yourself from committing the sin. What’s that? 

– The rise of Software Industry. 

It has affected the human relationships the most. Husband & wife living in two different cities. Nothing could be more terrible. It has led to more infidelity, divorce & mental disorders. 

We all are the victims of industrialisation. The global increase in temperature, pollution, shortage of potable water, etc. are the results of indiscriminate industrialisation.

Industrialisation ;PC:unep.or.jp

The only way is to go back to simple lifestyle. Where lies the happiness – good food, thought, work & ample time to spend with family.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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