I’m not a good blogger. 

I’m not a good blogger.

It is often seen in times of crisis, when we are hit by failures in a row, we lose confidence.

Once the confidence is lost, we lose the power to bargain. We cease to respect & believe in our craft & skills.

There was a time when I was put down by my failures. No success came to my camp despite my best of the best efforts. Soon, it led to sharp fall in confidence. I came to believe that I’m not a good blogger.

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Until the day luck shined….

– I got started being paid for my articles. 

– I was invited to deliver Motivational Sessions.

– I was invited as a Media Person to cover events where high-profile people were also invited as guests. 

– I started freelancing & it led to substantial cash flow.

It all boosted my confidence.

## Life Lessons:

##Keep Trying.

What one thing brought success to my life is I kept trying. I didn’t quit.

## Wait.

Have patience. Nothing big happens overnight. It takes time. Wait for your efforts to germinate seeds of success in your life that will finally sprout making you the most successful person overnight. 

## Bad Phase.

We all shall go through bad phases in life. The only difference is of time. 

कभी तुम राजा, कभी हम राजा।

कमी तुम रंक, कभी हम रंक।

It’s all a matter of time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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