Great men have great friends.

Bismark said, “great men have great dogs”.

But in present era, the path to greatness is having great friends. 

You can only have individual success if you work alone. While with the support of friends you can rise to greatness. 

Great friends make you great.

## कुछ तुम करो कुछ हम करें।

Work can be divided between friends. It shall pace up the speed of work. Working together is a fun too. You cannot go very far alone- fear might engulf you on long & treacherous paths.

##Right Information.

If you have friends in diverse industries then you can seek right information from them. Hence, very less chances of your getting duped. It will help you in making better investment decisions. 

## Overcoming Crisis. 

Bad times will only strengthen the bonds. We all need someone to fall back upon when hurt or feeling low.

## Happy Theory.

Humans are social animal. So, we crave for bonds. If your relations are good then you can be more productive to what you focus on. Happy people are the achievers.

So, if you don’t have a team of close friends, make one. Long-lasting.

Just choose 7 best people in your life. Help them. Be with them at times of crisis. Make them a family. In turn they will make you great.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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