Why it might suck working with start-ups?

Why it might suck working with start-ups?

PC: saleshandy.com

## No concrete roles.

The job roles in start-ups are not concrete. You might be given a new role based upon the situations & market demands. Even your job role might keep on changing. 

While well-established companies have a very rigid formal structure for employees so job roles are clear to everyone in the company. 

## Lack of Professionalism.

Most employees are freshers & with little experience. So, they lack professional & to imbibe the corporate culture in them is also a tedious task as it takes time. Since, start-ups are not very old so they may lack professional workforce & hence may remain uncompetitive on customer & investor management. 

That’s why start-ups allow lateral entry for crucial roles.

## It might fail.

There are great chances that the start-up you might be working in might fail. It will make you jobless. You will not realise this until you witness few bad performances by the start-up in a sequence you are working in.

One of my friend is working in a start-up based in Gurugram. The founder of the start-up would be on leave for 2 weeks for his marriage. So, has made a request to all the employees for unpaid leave for those 2 weeks citing that he has to mobilise more resources for the start-up & the recent demonetisation move of the Govt. (How ridiculous the reasons could be at times!).

That’s how uncertain your life could be at start-ups!

Most things are on the whims & fancies of the founders. 

## No working hours.

Each time the start-up plans for upgradation, scaling or venturing into new projects with limited human resource; the burden falls on the employees.

They might have to work for erratic hours. They shall be required to switch to new roles without any experience or formal training. For that they may also need to work when at home. This might in turn affect their relationshipa witj family members as well.

In the end it might affect your relationships. PC: ddobreva.com

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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