Life is tough when you have a dream.

Life is tough when you have a dream.

Most of the graduates end up with IT Sector jobs. Surely, that’s not their dream.

But that solves most of the problems of the life- you are employed & earning.


I became excessively interested in making career in writing industry around 2 years ago.
Since then I have written 1000+ blogs. That is the height of my dedication towards my dream.

But to be brutally honest, I don’t have ANY BIG SUCCESS yet.

I had made a goal to raise my income to 30 LPA by 2019. It seems will have to work more harder for the same. The idea was to make money through passive income from royalties from my novels. The work is underway.

My Dream : was to impact the life of 1 Million people around the globe (which has been realised with my partnership with NewsDog).

What remains is earning 30 LPA. I know that’s huge for someone just turned 22. But dreams don’t need to be realistic right?

We all wanted to be a pilot in childhood? We just knew we could fly the plane if given the opportunity.

## Work even Harder: when others sleep, I wake up to make some efforts in the direction of my dreams. 

## Deal with the conflict: yes, there shall be conflicts when you follow your dreams. People will tell you to drop your dreams. They will suggest you better options. Remember, the suggestions would be practical. 

I can tell you with authority. I have worked for 14 hours a day since past 2 years. I could have landed up in a good MNC with minor efforts but chose to enter into writing industry. 

Life has been tough. There were moments when things went critical. But somehow I was back to writing. I don’t know why. But something or the other thing held me back.

You will have crisis regarding following your dreams or choosing a practical path. If you choose your dreams then don’t assume the journey to be easy & rosy.

It will be tough. Damn hard!

PC: getty images.

So, have the will-power to continue. To persist even in the face of failures. That’s how we achieve dreams. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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