What one thing you MUST do on your B’day?

What one thing you must do on your b’day?

On my each B’day I receive the same message from my brother, “Happy B’day Amit. Apne Liye B’day gift khareed liyo” (do buy a B’day gift for yourself”).

Do buy a B’day gift for yourself.

I like it very much. Yes, you may receive lots of gifts from your loved ones & friends. But you must buy “something for yourself” as a B’day gift.

The Birthday.

Here are few reasons for it:

## Something for Yourself. 

We keep on fulfilling wishes of others, making them feel special. But why not make yourself feel special once in a year?

Spend the day in a way you wanted to- same as of your dreams. Feel it. Experience it.

It will keep you motivated throughout the year to chase your dreams.

The Birthday.

## You know the Best Gift.

It’s only you alone who knows the best gift for yourself. Present yourself with it each year.

Each year decide something that you will achieve. Work extremely hard for it.

The Cake.

## Wait for it.

If you spend your B’day in a special way then you will wait for the next one very eagerly.

It’s the eagerness that makes your B’day & your life altogether more exciting. Life is fun when you have something to wait for.

Feelings of College Revived.

Memories that you form on these days will remain for long. They will keep you entertained. 

P.S. when you will b.e old, sitting & reflecting on life, you will visit your past more often. It is then when these moments will play a crucial role in life. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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