How to make your Birthday awesome?

How to make your Birthday awesome?

1. Invite ONLY your close friends at your place.

There are people in our life as close as our family members. We have a very fine tuning with them. Invite them at your place (though few may not be able to join due to unavoidable assignments) on your B’day.
Be very careful about the friends you choose.


2. Cook Something Together.

Cook Something Together.

I learned this during college time. When you live in the company of good people, they wait eagerly for your B’day. Just as when we celebrate any festival we prepare dishes, so must be the case in your B’day.

It also unites the people you have invited very closely. It also kindles the spirit of a “Team”.

Cook Something with Your Team.

3. Go for a shopping together. 

Walk together. Assist each other to buy the best deal in terms of choice, color & price. Now, we hardly see a gang of 9-10 people shopping together though it is ultimate fun. It surprises the shopkeepers as well.

As long as you use that product or service ;you will remember the person who assisted you in buying it.

Shop Together.

4. Have a light treat at restaurant.

Light because whatever you have prepared at Home would definitely be 100 times better than at restaurant (no one can beat the love & efforts put in).

Have a Light Treat at restaurant.

“घर से अच्छा कुछ भी नहीं।”

5. Rekindle the Spirit of College Life.

Nothing better than that. Waking up till late for no reason. Making noises, comments, etc. ….you will keep hearing those sounds for long.

Rekindle College Life.

6. Don’t celebrate your B’day on Social Media.

My B’day status is visible to ONLY ME on fb. So, I save myself from bombardment of messages & wishes.

It’s not that I don’t like them. I value them. But it feels awkward when you receive it from people not in good terms with you in real life.

P.S. B’day is awesome when you have the most loveable people to spend time with.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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