When will your life get changed? 

We all are looking for change. We all expect something epic in life; we are highly aspirational. More so, if we have been meeting failures in a row.

When will my life get changed? Looking earnestly.

Your life will get changed only when:

## Accept You are Broke. 

The first step is the realisation. The next is to work out a plan or strategy to deal with it. Commit yourself that no matter what it has to go.

## You believe You Deserve. 

This is very important. Most of the time we don’t give our best because we believe we don’t deserve huge victories. We have a notion that highly-successful are different from us, जो सफल हो जाते हैं वो कुछ अलग ही होते हैं, is a total myth.

## Perform Concrete Actions.

Concrete Actions coupled with determination & iron-will make 95% of your victory possible. The rest is luck. Sometimes you may not achieve expected results despite hard-work. But most of the time you will.

## Become Happy.

When we are happy; we are most energetic, focused & can take more risks. So, keep yourself in happy state of mind. It will ensure your success.

## Become Self-motivated.

It solves most of your problems. How to wake up early? How to ruthlessly head towards ones dreams? How to forgo procrastination? How to stay focused? How to set targets & hit them?

Once you ignite a fire in your belly, you will find a way to do even something impossible. Surely, you will no longer need to ask the above questions. Those problems will melt away automatically once you are Self-motivated. 

Remember, in most cases what stops us from achieving BIG THINGS in life are we ourselves.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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