Life lessons from a man who recovered from Dengue.

I was diagnosed with Dengue on 24th, Oct. 2016. Here are few Life Lessons:

Dengue_Life Lessons

## The Regret.

No one likes to be on bed. We regret & think we could have done this & that if everything was fine. But the reality is that we again start procrastinating once we have overcome disease. 

Think & reflect: why our motivation is too short-lived? We commit something to us each day but why it breaks the very next day?

## The Losses.
It took me more than 15 days to get near-normal. So, couldn’t work on blogs, guest posts & for my start-up “IndiaShouts- अब तो सुन लो” for more than 20-25 days.

Was on bed most of the time; resting & sleeping. In a way, those days could as well have been spent with family talking & holding warm conversations.

Quite often we forget to take into account the non-monetary dimensions of the situations. 

 ## The Momentum.

This is the worst case. When you are in the process of coming back to normalcy you feel, “you have lost momentum” because it takes time to adjust & gain acceleration. 

## A New Birth.

Such long bed-rests are like re-birth. May be God creates such situations so that we can think & reflect more on life. May be His way to warn us to look & reflect into our lives.

## The Discontinuity. 

You will feel disconnected with the world for few weeks. Sense of discontinuity may prevail even for longer time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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