How to make people respect your time?

Your time is very precious. You need to make people respect your time so that you can focus on your own priorities.

Here are few ways to do the same:

## Make Yourself Unavailable.

Don’t be available all the time especially on Social Media & WhatsApp. Fix a time. It will save a lot of your time. Moreover, it will facilitate uninterrupted work.

Also, you will have more spare time to spend with family members. Most often we don’t have time for our loved one’s. This need to change. 

You can also put the same in “About section” on your fb. If you strictly follow it then people will also be forced to. 

## Fix a meeting.

Do not meet anyone  (except your closed friends & loved ones) without a pre-plan, fixed venue, place & time.

Get people to fix an appointment with you. This way they pay due respect to your time.

## Excuse me.

If you happen to be in a conversation- long, boring, uninteresting, say “Excuse me” & get out of it. Be very disciplined in this regard. You have more important & worthy things to do. You cannot be a part of all gossips going on in the world. 

Manage Your Time.

## Be Very Punctual. 

Be very punctual & expect people to do the same. Let them know about your concern regarding “time”.

Except your family & friends, if people are not punctual & on time then you need to stop flocking with them.

World is full of people. In fact, burdened with population. Find the right kind of people for yourself.

## Don’t be ambiguous. 

When you schedule for a meet-up or anything else it must have a start as well as end time. Usually, we miss to fix the end time. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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