How is the life@ 22?

At 22, you can feel responsibilities coming in your way. There is a strong urge to become financially stable. No plans of marriage strike a chord in mind at this time of your life.

This is the time to protect your dreams. Even if you would have witnessed lots of failures, there is a strong feeling that “अभी भी चांस है” (still there are chances).

Life @ 22_ PC: wiki

## Exponential Growth. 

This is the perfect time when you can work for 14 hours or more each day. It is easier to achieve bombarding growth in early 20s.

You will never have such a time in your History. Make the best possible use of it to build a strong foundation. 

## Career.

Career is the main issue at 22. If you have a job then the problem is; it is boring, boss is not good & salary is low.If you are unemployed looking for job; am I worth, what will I do in my life, my all friends have settled & what will happen to my dreams. 

Yes life is a bit SCARY at 22. Due to our dreams. Extremely few realise their dreams at this age. Most still struggle to achieve their dreams. 

## Highly -aspirational.

Early 20s is the time when we are highly – aspirational. Keep these aspirations alive. Never consider yourself inferior. You deserve everything that you think about. The only thing that is missing on your part is hard-work. Fix it.

## Love.

If you are single-mindedly working on your dreams then chances of your falling in love with any girl are very rare. By now only few believe in the concept of love. Most people tend to equate love with mere attraction (all after having seen the drama called love in college life!!).

## The Life.

People start thinking about their life. What they will do, how they will live life, how they will earn money, etc. These are the signs of the beginnings of the “self-centredness”. Soon, life will shrink to family & your economic activity. 

खुश रहो। अभी भी चांस है।

P.S.1. Be strong. You still have the last EASY CHANCE TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. Commit yourself to work for your dreams for next 2 years.
P.S.2.  If you follow P.S.1. then by 25 you will have a major success in the direction of your dreams. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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