An Exciting opportunity for Publishing Professionals: “Young Professionals Programme 2016”.

Young Professional Programme is being held on 2nd -3rd December 2016 at the India International Centre New Delhi. This year, the training focusses on new product development strategies for publishing and content industry and seeks participation from professionals from the Editorial, Operations and Sales & Marketing streams.

Young Professionals Programme_3rd Edition

Why you must attend such programmes?

## Sail With Time.

The Conventional Education system is no longer effective to meet the aspirations of the youth. It has failed to pace up with the new trends in publishing industry. 

The world has become highly-competitive especially the traditional publishing industry. Everyone is trying his/her luck in publishing industry. There has been a tremendous increase in number of published authors each year.

Young Professionals Programme_3rd Edition

So, what’s your edge? How can you score a victory over others? 

Such events are designed in a way to give participants a wider view to new trends in the industry from Experts. Hence, it places you at a privileged position if you attend them.

## Networking. 

This is the by-product. Your friend in Pharmaceutical industry cannot help you in works related to publishing industry. So, you need to find friends & have connections & networks in Publishing Industry as well if you are willing to make a career in it.

Young Professionals Programme_3rd Edition

Such programmes are an opportunity to connect with other like-minded people.

You can gain great insights about the industry concerned in such events which can act as an eye opener:

## Competition in the Industry. 

With the advent of Internet, new forms of entertainment has evolved. How can you compose a book that will force the readers to pick up your book? How can you write a book that will remain unaffected by the new forms of entertainment coming up?

Young Professionals Programme_3rd Edition

One such good example is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert  Kiyosaki. It was written in 1997 & soon going to be 2 decades since then but still it attracts huge new readers each year. Few days back my close friend, Sachin Sanodiya, CEO, IndiaShouts- अब तो सुन लो। was reading it. That’s how tremendous the impact of Rich Dad Poor Dad is!

## Stagnating Revenues of Books.

It is seen that after few months of the launch of the book, it’s sales drop & soon it loses the momentum to compete in the market. 

On the other hands, many authors earn millions as a passive income every year via their books. What’s that they are doing right? 

## Books are content. 

It is high-time that we start looking books as just their content. Yes, the book-cover too matters, yes it’s color, print & page quality as well. Yes, yes- it all matters. But it will not lead to Word-of-Mouth Marketing. Only content could do that!

Young Professionals Programme_3rd Edition

## Re-invention.

The dynamics of Publishing Industry are changing very swiftly due to Digital publishing. With re-invention only it is possible to make huge profits without switching to digital publishing. When every industry is re-inventing & renovating itself – why not publishing industry? 

Young Professionals Programme_3rd Edition

## Publishing start-ups: Opportunity

There hasn’t been much start-up activities in this industry. So, there is still a vacuum that awaits for budding entrepreneurs who can spearhead the publishing industry to newer heights. 

Young Professionals Programme_3rd Edition

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What’s the programme about?

– work through the stages of product development in cross-functional teams (the teams will be formed on the basis of function, publishing category and preference of the participant)

– engage with their ideas using the design thinking method

– develop customer-related creative projects

– cultivate and execute new ideas with an entrepreneurial approach

– learn about licensing  

– Pitch your plan to the management of the company

– Expect to learn everything you need to develop new ideas from scratch to finish for your company!

 Consumer Insights presented by Mr. Vikrant Mathur from Nielsen India.

Young Professionals Programme_3rd Edition

Who should attend?

Publishing professionals from the Editorial, Operations and Sales & Marketing domains

To make the outcome of the programme most effective for participating companies, we recommend a group of 3 cross-domain professionals to be nominated from each company.

Who are the programme mentors?

R.Sriram co-founded “Next Practice Retail” in 2006 and is an advisor to Seedfund

Katja Splichal has been working as the head of learning management systems at Stuttgart based publisher Eugen Ulmer since 2013

Industry Talk by Mr.Vikrant Mathur:Vikrant Mathur was appointed as Associate Director of Nielsen BookScan in 2010 and currently heads up the Indian operations of Nielsen Book.

For more info/registration kindly log to:

Or Google out “Publishers Training”.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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