How to get a job that requires 2-3 years of experience as you graduate?

First of all, 

Why is it necessary to fetch a job that requires 2-3 years of experience as you graduate?

– victimisation at the Entry-level jobs in Corporate Sector.

– less scope of your work getting recognition (as you don’t have any experience) plus chances of your getting promoted is rare as “crowd is at the entry-level jobs”.

– less pay (forget about making any investments). Only investments possible are going experience & expertise.

## How to fetch it?

Step 1: Co-found a start-up in pre-final year of your college (I encourage for co-founding because it makes your task easy; you won’t quit, there will be constant source of motivation due to other partner, generating new ideas, brainstorming, etc. are possible).

What you need to do is to build a fb business page. Go for it’s promotion by investing some bucks. Straight away move to providing some services once you have 1K+ likes. Your goal must be 10K+ likes (of which at least 50% must be organic).

Once you reach this stage, start collaborating with other start-ups, small companies, influential people, etc.

Even if collaboration doesn’t works out, still these contacts & connections will push you up.


– It will help in improving your people’s skills.

– Building contacts with Managers & HR in corporate sector.

Step 2: Learn as much as you can.

Learn about people, companies & most importantly polish your skills. Focus on one-skill & aim to get extraordinarily better at at least 2-skills before you graduate. The skills could be:

– Content-writing & Management


– E-mail Etiquettes & Strategic Collaboration skills

– Coding

– Graphic Designing

A Poweful CV

(The good thing is that except coding none of the above is usually taught in engineering colleges – this is referred to as college- industry mismatch & causes structural unemployment). But it is good for you.

## Benefits to you.

After working-hard for 2 years as a co-founder of a start-up (even if you fail), here are the takeaways for you:

–  You have a powerful CV (I don’t recommend people to just have a powerful CV but it must be complemented by skills as well. Else it will be useless).

– You can negotiate for a better salary with the HR

– Your skill-sets make you stand out from everyone else.

And you can easily get an offer for a job that requires 2-3 years of experience (apply via LinkedIn; make sure you have added all your acquaintances & connections over it).

P.S. 2-3 years of experience at least equates to twice the salary that of a typical engineer at entry-level jobs.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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