Why you must be an entrepreneur in thinking? 

Entrepreneurs are way ahead of the time. They read a lot, interact with other people, mentors & experts to have a better insight of “future”. No matter if you are an employee or self-employed thinking like an entrepreneur helps.

PC: Kaushiki Pandey

## Loss for few years. 

They are ready to take the risk for ultimate good. Even they go to an extent to suffer huge losses initially for few years. Who could be more prudent? 

So, they understand very well that no pain, no gain. They put in peril their time & money for an idea that they think will work?

## Do not offend.

They do not offend influential people. Even if people are rude to them, they avoid conflicts by being silent & reflective. They also interact in the same way with customers & investors. 

Their thumb rule is Work Work Work (बनना है, बनना है, बनना है).

So, focus on things that matter & prioritise likewise. 

## Hard-working.

They are undoubtedly hard-working. Even if you are an employee & work for 14 hours a day you will soon reach at top echelons of the company you are in.

## Predict Future.

Successful business people are able to predict future. They do so by hiring great people, interacting with experts in the industry & tracking closely changes taking place in the industry. 

You must also be prudent. How will your job shall look like after 3 years from now? How much would you be earning by next 5 years?

If the answers are not satisfactory, you need to switch to a different industry or develop new set of skills.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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